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GBO Colorado Director Dewayne Malone

Dewayne J. Malone

            GBO Colorado Director

"My vision is to build a fit friendly state where people love to exercise should be the leader in extreme fitness/competitions. In Texas, which is our homebase for GBO, I can say that we are deep and strong. My vision is to bring Colorado to that level in years to come!"

Dewayne J. Malone, fitness trainer, world bodybuilding champion, and owner of Natural Promotions Inc. has been appointed as the director for GBO in Colorado last December 2020. Get to know him more!

Dewayne Malone started competing in bodybuilding in 2006 and started promoting my own fitness shows in 2010.  I promote three shows a year for one of the biggest shows in Texas and now through Natural Promotions Inc., he continues to create avenues for fitness athletes to become their best version by organizing his fitness shows in partnership with Global Bodybuilding Organization. 

What do you think brought you here? 

“I believe being consistent at being a team player and humbling myself learning from other promoters in the organization no matter my past experience!” 


Echo Vogel

Sponsorship and Communications

Echo P. Vogel is an experienced motivational coach and resiliency trainer. Driven by the desire to help others validate, trust and know themselves, she has studied in depth the science of happiness and loves to help individuals and teams better understand how to acclimate to change. Echo is a certified HeartMath trainer and holds multiple motivational and facilitation certificates in addition to her Human Sciences degree. She lives in Colorado near the beautiful Rocky Mountains and enjoys quiet time with her family, telling hilarious #momjokes. 

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Email: Mobile: 720-569-6801

Rashad Bonner

Colorado Mild High Promoter

Rashad Bonner is

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Email: Mobile: 720-416-5017